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    Commercial Window & Sign Cleaning

    Window Cleaning

    Regular window cleaning is of prime importance throughout the UK because of our notoriously unpredictable and constantly changing weather. Grimy windows can harm a company’s image.

    Clients or potential customers may not see that the glass is clean, but they certainly notice if it is dirty.

    We offer a range of cleaning services for offices, leisure centres, 
retail outlets, restaurants, residential care homes, NHS, Council premises and public houses commercial customers.  No matter how frequently you need your windows cleaned we will still deliver the highest standard of workmanship ensuring quality results.

    Window Cleaning Programmes Available

    Internal / External Window Cleaning
    Daily / Weekly / Fortnightly /Monthly / Bi-Monthly, 6 Monthly or Annually

    Sign Cleaning

    Signs are often the first thing a potential client see’s when approaching your business premises. That is why it is essential to keep their view clear and not obscured by dirt and grime. What does the condition of the shop sign say about the Company and how does this reflect on you?  We not only clean internal and external windows; by using the same techniques we can clean your signs and banners as well, giving the correct message to prospective clients.

    Health & Safety

    Ultra Clean fully recognise the potential hazards which window cleaning can present, both to us and to any person in the immediate vicinity when cleaning is taking place. We will take steps to minimise these risks.