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    How much do you charge?

    That’s one of those “How long is a piece of string?” type of questions! The price is dependent upon the frequency, how dirty your windows are in the first place and, of course, the amount of glass that there is to clean.

    How do I arrange for a quote then?

    Just call us and we will arrange for a mutually convenient time to call round and do a free no obligation quote for any of our services. We will be able to give you a price there and then. We will be happy to help and discuss any necessary requirements like calling the night before for access if you lock your gate.

    You use water fed poles to clean the windows. What are they?

    We use specialised poles which carry pure water to a soft bristled brush head which has been especially designed for cleaning glass. The window (and usually the frames and the sills) are scrubbed with the brush to loosen the dirt, then the dirt is flushed away with gentle jets of pure water.

    What’s so special about pure water?

    If you pour a glassful of tap water over a window and wait for it to dry, you will notice that it leaves a stain on the glass. This stain is a combination of the minerals, chemicals and organisms in the water. Our water passes through a high-tech filtration system to remove 100% of the impurities.

    The impurities in water are measured in parts per million and are referred to as Total Dissolved Solids. The TDS reading for tap water in a hard water area like Telford is 400 +. The water that passes through our system has a TDS reading of 0 PPM. This means that when the water dries, there are no residual marks or smears.

    So are you saying that my windows will be crystal clear after your first visit?

    Not in every case. There are many variables which affect the end result. Previously you may/will probably have had your windows cleaning using a solution liquid. It produces a great result immediately after finished cleaning but soon gets dirty afterwards. Liquid can leave deposits on the glass which attracts the dirt between cleans.

    When we start cleaning for you, we have to remove all of the cleaning solution deposits to ensure a spotless finish. We also make sure that the accumulated dirt and dust is removed completely from the frame, especially the top.

    After the first one or two cleans, you may notice one or two spots on the glass where we haven’t manage to totally remove the deposits. These will disappear after a few cleans.

    Why do you leave the windows wet?

    Please do not be concerned by this, it is only pure water which is even less harmful to your building than rainwater. Because this water dries without leaving streaks, it is unnecessary to squeegee the windows dry. This water will quickly evaporate without a trace.

    How often do you come?

    We normally do monthly cleans but can accommodate bi-monthly cleans also, this can be discussed with us when you have a quote. We pride ourselves on providing you with what you want. A regular and reliable window cleaning service.

    I like to keep my side gate locked. How will you clean my back windows?

    We acknowledge, sadly, that most people need to be very security minded these days. That’s why we advise you to keep your doors and gates locked as often as possible. We will call you the day before your clean so that you can leave the gate unlocked just for the day.

    My previous window cleaner didn’t ever clean the windows above my conservatory. Can you?

    Most of the time it’s no problem. If we can see all of the window from the ground, we can normally clean it with our pole system. However, if the window is partially or completely obscured, we probably won’t be able to clean it.

    Are you reliable?

    Yes, we are 100% reliable. We recognise that there is nothing more frustrating than expecting a regular service and not getting one. We guarantee to carry out the agreed number of cleans every year and if we will be delayed or have any problems we will advise our customers.

    Will you always come on the same day of the month?

    No. There are too many factors to prevent us from rigidly sticking to the same day. Sickness, extreme weather, holidays as well as vehicle and equipment maintenance all influence our scheduling. We promise though that you will have the agreed number of cleans each year and you will be called the day before if there is an access issue.

    Will you still come if it’s raining?

    More often than not, yes we will. Our service maintains your windows all year round. The fact that it’s raining doesn’t alter the fact that there is still accumulated dirt on your windows and frames to remove. It’s because we continue to clean in all but the very worst weather that allows us to offer a regular and reliable service.

    How do I pay you?

    Payment options are outlined on our Payments Page.

    Do you offer any other services apart from window cleaning?

    Yes we do. We offer gutter, fascia and soffit cleans, conservatory cleans, garage doors and sign cleaning.